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Fire Watch Patrol

Whether your fire protection monitoring system or sprinkler system is down or under repair, we provided personnel to conduct fire watch patrol services on a moments notice.



Whether a property is owner-occupied or tenant-occupied, providing the best security to ensure the safety of people and protection of intellectual and physical property is essential.



Stryker Protection, LLC will recommend security measures, provide sample policies and checklists, and present an evaluation guide.



Marine crime prevention, like home or business crime prevention is mostly a matter of anticipating potential risks and eliminating them.



We provide residential and neighborhood customers with the best possible service and professionally-trained standing security patrol officers.



It’s crucial to keep your business safe and free from burglaries, vandalism and personal attacks. Stryker Protection’s retail security division has been protecting retail businesses since 1989.

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  • With security related incidents increasing on my retail properties, I needed a competent, reliable security to apply a security program that got results. I called Stryker Protection who worked side by side with me and made me feel as a part of their team. I am ecstatic with the performance of Stryker Protection, LLC and I know my property is in good hands.

    Robyn H.
    Blowfish Industries
  • Stryker Protection responded quickly and provided top-notch security staff for my site in a pinch. My site was staffed within an hour of my initial call for help. Stryker Protection staff went above and beyond what I expected. I will be using Stryker Protection for all my future security needs.

    Steve C.
    Arbee Associates
  • Stryker Protection, LLC’s approach to security management is creative and solutions-oriented. Stryker Protection takes the time to learn what the true underlying problem is and designs a security program that actually solves the problem. Stryker Protection is very responsive and takes a hands-on approach with their staff to make sure they do the job right.

    Brenits Realty Management
  • ​Stryker Protection not only met my expectations; but Stryker went the extra mile for the sake of customer satisfaction…

    Rebecca H. Labs
    Maryland Capitol Police - DGS

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