Stryker Protection, LLC will provide exceptionally trained security professionals for the following purposes:


Uniformed Security Personnel

At Stryker Protection, LLC we recognize that security officers are a vital part of your asset protection plan and will often determine the overall success of any plan. Whether responding to an alarm, operating a complicated security operations center, or signing visitors into your facility, security officers are on the front line of your security plan. Stryker Protection, LLC is committed to providing a team of professional security officers who meet strict requirements and are willing to take ‘ownership’ for your security plan.

Stryker Protection, LLC officers are trained to concentrate on the advantages of working as partners to meet the needs of our clients. This is a portion of what we offer to our clients as part of our custom program. Our uniformed security officers are carefully screened and selected, extensively trained, continuously monitored, and evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure we are meeting the client’s expectations.


Fire Watch Patrol Service

Whether your fire protection monitoring system or sprinkler system is down or under repair, we provided personnel to conduct fire watch patrol services on a moments notice. This function is mandated by many local fire authorities. Our personnel have the experience and knowledge to understand the importance of this function. Our staff is trained in what to look for and how to respond if an emergency is located. All fire watch patrols complete running records to indicate the checks are being completed.


Concierge Personnel

Concierge agents provide supervised access to public buildings and office buildings and monitor secure areas. They will always appear professionally dressed in slacks and blazers, with identifying patches and name badges. Unwelcome persons, vagrants, solicitors, and trespassers will be denied access to upper floors/office suites and will be escorted out of the building. Agents will also provide security patrols during hours specified by clients and will check any equipment, locks, access points, or other items per client instructions. Concierge agent duties can be tailored to meet specific client needs.


Event Security Services

Whether you are hosting a sporting match, concert, or any other kind of entertainment event, it is important that the spectators who attend are focused on enjoying themselves and not preoccupied with worrying about their safety. To make sure that every event you produce is executed smoothly, Stryker Protection, LLC will provide you with professionally trained and experienced security officers to handle all of your crowd management and customer service needs. From the moments before the event begins until the crowds have safely departed the venue, the event security on hand will be on top of maintaining an orderly gathering for all participants to enjoy.


Security Patrol Services

Visibility is a powerful crime deterrent. By their presence alone, Stryker Protection, LLC’s uniformed patrol officers can help enhance your employees’ safety and reduce the risk of vandalism or theft on your property. Our vehicle patrol officers are trained to notice everything out of the ordinary— and to help prevent problems before they start.


Loss Prevention Services

Loss prevention concerns often arise from an unexpected issue that requires a reactive approach. High shrink, increased food costs, sudden decrease in a department margin, a theft incident or a substantial loss, demonstrates the absence of adequate proactive loss prevention measures. Stryker Protection, LLC helps companies build comprehensive and proactive loss prevention programs that deliver results. Stryker Protection, LLC is more than trusted experts and consultants; we provide the field and corporate personnel that build and execute loss prevention services and solutions.


Anti-Piracy/Intellectual Property Security Services

Stryker Protection, LLC can now assist companies with their anti-piracy/intellectual security needs. Contact us for details.


Security Assessment and Consulting Services

Stryker Protection, LLC, a security consulting service, does for businesses, both large and small, what they simply can’t do for themselves – assess, without agenda or bias, their risks and shape proactive measures to ensure their security. It’s protecting what you have today so that you can build, rather than restore, tomorrow.


Basic Safety/Security Training for Employees

At Stryker Protection, LLC we have the belief that security and safety is everyone’s responsibility. Based on those ideals, Stryker Protection, LLC is one of the first private security companies in Maryland that offers security and security training to the private sector. Training from assisting your company with loss prevention issues, to training your staff in CPR or fire extinguisher use, Stryker Protection, LLC can help with your training needs.


Security Sweeps

Stryker Protection, LLC understands the importance of proprietary and privileged information, and because this information can be so vital to businesses that we offer security sweeps to ensure the information remains the client’s. Utilizing state of the art technology and personnel specifically trained to conduct security sweeps, Stryker Protection, LLC has the ability to help you keep your information yours.